Date: 4/20/18 9:49 am
From: Jeff Hansen <> [sd-birds] <sd-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [sd-birds] Repeating Sparrow Trap Enhancment
After watching a Youtube video on trapping house sparrows where the trapped
sparrows could retreat to a shed gave me the idea to add a SHELTER BOX to
my trap.

The secret to catching house sparrows in a repeating sparrow trap is to
have decoy birds in the trap. The problem with most repeating sparrow
traps is the birds suffer from stress and die. They need shelter from
predators, the weather, and a place to roost at night. By adding a shelter
box to the trap, the trapped birds will remain healthy and in turn attract
more house sparrows. Until I started using the shelter box I never caught
house sparrows in this style trap in the spring time. I keep the decoy
birds watered and well fed with cracked corn, millet, quick oats, and sand.

I made this 5 minute video that shows how it works:

Saw my FOS purple martins down the street. I'm sure my trapping of house
sparrows has improved their success rate.

Jeff Hansen, Topeka

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