Date: 4/16/18 7:12 pm
From: Scott Barnes <scott.barnes...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Flight of the Bonies

Big numbers of Bonaparte's Gulls (aka "bonies," w/ a hard o vowel) today than I've seen in many years, locally. Linda Mack and I estimated 1,000+ individuals between Long Branch north to the tip of Sandy Hook. The bad weather certainly had a lot to do with it, possibly "grounding" birds due to easterly winds, rain, and fog. There were also widespread reports today of smaller numbers at inland locations across northern NJ.

Despite obsessive searching, we were unable to find any rarer small gulls, but at least one Little Gull was detected at Liberty State Park today (from Simon Lane).

Our consolation prize (beyond enjoying the swirling flocks of Bonaparte's Gulls in myriad plumages) was what may be a high count for Sandy Hook/Monmouth County of 42 Lesser Black-backed Gulls at the hook.

Bad weather sometimes means good birding.

Scott Barnes
Program Director, All Things Birds
Assistant Director, Eco-Travel
New Jersey Audubon

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