Date: 4/16/18 11:38 am
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: State-wide birding events in May
Hello PA Birders,

This year Global Big Day is May 5 and the PA Migration Count is May 12.

Global Big Day is sponsored by Cornell Labs and eBird for the fourth
year. Last year more than 20,000 birders from 160 countries contributed
sightings setting a world daily record with 6637 species. If you are
familiar with eBird then it is easy to participate. As an incentive the
eBird Challenge for May is to submit 5 checklists during that day. The
prize is a pair of Zeiss 8x42 binoculars, retailing for over $900. This
is probably the best chance you will ever have to win a prize of that
size! Plus PA birders will be adding to the eBird database with over a
half billion bird sightings.

The PAMC was established in 1992 to gather annual data on migratory bird
populations. PAMC is an annual one-day snapshot of bird populations
within our area attempting to answer which species are present, where
they are and how many there are. It is a fun way to participate with
others in your county when migration is at its peak. The Count is not on
the same day as Global Big Day and no longer will be associated with it,
however eBirders are still encouraged to participate in both events.

How does it work? The Pennsylvania Migration Count takes place each
spring on the second Saturday in May. It is similar to the Christmas
Bird Count. The difference is that PAMC takes place on a countywide
basis, rather than within a CBC circle. The rules are simple: spend some
time in the field counting all birds in a specified area, and keep track
of miles traveled and time spent counting. Participants are free to roam
their favorite county birding locales at anytime during the 24 hour
period, starting at 12:01 am, counting every bird they find.

How can you help? Birders of all skill levels can help out with the
count. Beginning at midnight with the songs of the Whip-poor-wills and
the hooting of the Great-horned Owls, the PAMC is a great way to spend
time outside. Whether you tally birds in your backyard, at your feeders,
the local little league ball field, along the river, on a lake, at your
camp or spend time hiking through a state park, and especially at
migrant traps, your observations count. Field checklists and information
for PAMC participation are available online at
_ Contact information for county
compilers can also be found at <>. Please
submit your sightings to your county compiler. Those only using eBird to
record their sightings should discuss with their compiler who will put
the data into a spreadsheet. As in the past all the spreadsheets can be
combined for comparison with other counties

Some counties do not have a compiler. Anyone wishing to help can contact
myself or Frank Haas <fchaas...> If there is no one available
feel free to use and submit the ‘Spreadsheet for Count Compiler to
Tabulate Data’ found on the PA Society for Ornithology links referenced
above and send it to me.

Don't let the weather stop you from getting outside. Sometimes after a
rain shower migrants get active again especially at good migrant traps.

Good birding all. Chuck

York County

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