Date: 4/16/18 9:58 am
From: Geoffrey Gardner <geoffrey323...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Crowd Scenes
Yesterday and today we¹re seeing huge crowds of birds at our feeders here in
Bradford ‹more by far than ever before. Upwards of forty juncos at a time on
the feeders, in the feeder tree, in the bushes and on the ground, all
constantly in motion. More than twenty goldfinches at a time, sometimes
waiting eagerly for some of the juncos to clear away from the feeders so
they can get in to feed. These crowds are so big and so active that the
regular visitors ‹two pairs of purple finches, four blue jays, a pair each
of hairy and downy woodpeckers, and two chipping sparrows-- are hanging
around the fringes or only show up when the flocks fly off for a few minutes
as they do at intervals. When the first big gust of wind blew up just a
while ago, they all flew off. And then a few minutes after that they were
all back and to stay even with the wind blowing hard.

Geoffrey Gardner
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