Date: 4/16/18 7:47 am
From: tracy chiconas <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender tchiconas for DMARC)
Subject: [wisb] Sunday 04 16 18 Eastside
I birded in the morning & afternoon & there were plenty of birds around. I saw 7 Long-tailed ducks in front of the Art Museum at 9:00am! Prior to this, i believe, i have not seen more then 2 at any given time in any area. In the afternoon (same location) i saw 3 male Redheads(lol) & others that have been usual for this area. I personally find this weather incredibly beautiful, but am saddened by the sight of the insect feeders that seemed to push in on Thursday scurrying around in this extreme weather.

There has been a regular Yellow-bellied sapsucker (maybe 2) & a Northern Flicker at Vet. park now. I had a great view of the latter. Noticeably more Herring Gulls have shown up in all areas i check over the last week. I found it strange that, neither in the am or pm did i see/hear even one crow, red winged bb, grackle, or starling, but i saw my 1st Savannah Sparrow & saw a Barn swallow, Golden-crowned Kinglets & others. Blackbirds are more apt for this weather i would think they should have been active.

I have pics of Long-tailed attached to my checklist if anyone is interested.

-Tracy Chiconas
Milwaukee Co.
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