Date: 4/16/18 7:39 am
From: Trish G <trishrg62...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Sunday birding

On Sunday, I birded at Harriett Wieder park in the morning, hoping to find
the Calliope Hummingbird seen the day before by Brian Daniels. It appeared
from his photos, he found the bird in the flowering bladderpod looking
plants below the playground. Lots of hummers were very active, but no
Calliopes were seen. A while later I refound the European Goldfinch also
found by Brian at the bottom of Fishers Gulch, the riparian area in the
middle of the park. It was singing and fairly easy to "hear" but took some
time to actually find the bird. Consolation bird...

I then headed over to Huntington Central Park and parked my chair in the
"Secret Garden" to watch for hummers there.
There was one tiny little bird that made an obvious different buzz sound
than the other hummers. I sent off photos of this bird, and it was ID'd as
a Calliope, due to its tiny size, all green back, short bill, and dull
rufous on the sides of the chest. It's throat is really messed up, and it
has virtually no tail. I don't know if this bird may have survived a rough
ordeal, but it's messy looking. It was seen in the middle of the garden, in
a patch of Pride of Medeira where the fence is open next to the lake, so
basically right in the center of the garden.

A couple of ebird checkilists with photos from both locations follow.

Trish Gussler, Anaheim

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