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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for April 16, 2018
Hello cobirders
Our report is called Rare Bird Alert because search engines find it better.  The report is really "Uncommon Bird Report"  Not all uncommon birds are rare birds.  Birders may want to know where to see them anyway!Without being a member, "cobirders" can be read at:
Report Uncommon Birds at: 303-324-7994 or
NOTE: Reports do not confirm sightings. Choose to chase at your own risk and expense.!NOTE: To reduce length of report, only recent sightings listed; visit Colorado Birding Society's website everyday for additional sightings!
Reports added: 4/15/2018Archuleta (Black Phoebe)Boulder (Long-billed Curlew, Marbled Godwit, Bonaparte's Gull, Eastern Phoebe)Chaffee (American Three-toed Woodpecker, Bonaparte's Gull, Williamson's Sapsucker, Lewis's Woodpecker, Pinyon Jay)Clear Creek (White-tailed Ptarmigan, American Three-toed Woodpecker)Delta (Willet, Bonaparte's Gull)Douglas (Eastern Wood-Pewee, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Bluebird, White-throated Sparrow)El Paso (LUCY'S WARBLER, Harris's Sparrow, Burrowing Owl, Cassin's Sparrow, Curve-billed Thrasher)Fremont (Eastern Phoebe, Greater White-fronted Goose)Gunnison (Barrow's Goldeneye)Jackson (Greater Sage-Grouse, Long-billed Curlew, Boreal Owl, Greater Scaup)Kiowa (Red-throated Loon, Snowy Plover, Semipalmated Plover, Mountain Plover, Iceland Gull, Greater Roadrunner, Common Loon, Lesser Black-backed Gull)Larimer (ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD, Greater Scaup, Eastern Screech-Owl)Logan (Red-bellied Woodpecker)Mesa (Sage Thrasher)Moffat (California Quail, Sage Thrasher, Sagebrush Sparrow)Montrose (Dusky Grouse, Common Loon)Routt (Sharp-tailed Grouse, Dusky Grouse, Greater Sage-Grouse)Teller (Williamson's Sapsucker)Weld (Semipalmated Plover, Willet, Sharp-tailed Grouse)Yuma (Greater Prairie-Chicken)
Adams County++++South Platte Birding Area        Common Loon (Gabriel Wiltse) first 4/14++++Rocky Mountain Arsenal       Map  Burrowing Owl --wildlife drive (Dave King/Gabriel Wiltse) (first 3/13) last 4/14  Eastern Bluebird (Gabriel Wiltse) first 4/14++++DIA Owl Loop  Burrowing Owl (2) --W. Cargo Road & Third Creek (Terry Michaels/Stevens) (first 4/2) last 4/13 ++++Clear Creek Valley Park     Marbled Godwit (Gabriel Wiltse) first 4/12++++Barr Lake      Common Loon (2) (Don Mulison) first 4/12
Adams/Denver Counties++++First Creek Trail  Northern Mockingbird --just west/Pena Blvd (Terry Michaels) first 4/14  Sage Thrasher --in both Denver & Adams Counties (John Breitsch) first 4/14  Harris's Sparrow  (Denver Cty: (Alison Hixon) last 4/14  (Adams Cty: (Terry Michaels) last 4/14  (Either side of Buckley Road, eastern Trailhead and Woodpile to west)++++DIA Owl Loop     Burrowing Owl  (2) --W. Cargo Road & Third Creek (Terry Michaels) (first 4/2) last 4/14  (2) --Gun Club Road/1.7 miles/south/112th avenue (Michaels) first 4/14
Arapahoe County++++Ketring Park and Area     Ash-throated Flycatcher (Edward Donnan) first 4/14
Boulder County++++Lagerman Reservoir      Map  Long-billed Curlew (5) (Peter Burke) first 4/15  Marbled Godwit (Dan Zmolek) first 4/14++++Boulder Reservoir area       Map  Marbled Godwit (Christian Nunes:David Dowell/Van Rudd) (first 4/13) last 4/15  (Shorebirds: from north shore parking lot, down path to mud flats, northwest corner)  Bonaparte's Gull (Cole Sage) last 4/15  Sagebrush Sparrow (David Dowell) first 4/13++++West of Boulder Creek & 75th Street       Map  Eastern Phoebe (Norm Lewis/Ron Podhajsky) (first 3/31) 3; last 4/15++++Left Hand Creek & 49th Street, Longmont  Eastern Phoebe (Maikel Wise) first 4/15++++Lookout Road, Gunbarrel Hill     Burrowing Owl (2) (Chris Brown) first 4/14++++Hecla Lake  Western Wood-pewee (fos) (Bob Muckle) first 4/14++++179 Eldoradao Springs Drive, Eldorado Springs Anna's Hummingbird (Alison Sheets/Holden Maxfield:Frank Farrell) (first 4/12) last 4/13++++Old St. Vrain Road  Eastern Phoebe (Carl Bendorf) first 4/12
Denver County++++Tower Road  Northern Mockingbird (2) --just south/Pena Blvd (Don Glasco) first 4/14++++Marston Reservoir    Common Loon (Doug Kibbe:Mackenzie Goldthwait) first 4/13
Douglas County++++Cherry Creek Trail & Walker Pit     Eastern Wood-Pewee (singing) (Terry Michaels) first 4/15  (trees along Castlewood Canyon Road, south of Hwy 86 bridge)  Eastern Phoebe (2) --under bridge/south end Cherry Creek trail (Kingery/Michaels) (first 4/13) last 4/15  Eastern Bluebird (male) --bike path/south/bridge (Michaels) first 4/15++++East Plum Creek Trail  White-throated Sparrow --see map (Cynthia Kristensen) first 4/15++++Salisbury Equestrian Park and area     Pectoral Sandpiper (Greg Schrab) first 4/14++++Rampart Range Road & Hwy 67      Williamson's Sapsucker (Gwen Moore/Don Glasco) (first 3/20) last 4/14
El Paso County++++Sinton Pond      Lucy's Warbler --would be 2nd county record) (David Tonnessen/Kara Carragher) (first 4/14) last 4/15  (bushes north of stream outlet crossing concrete hiking trail)++++Red Rock Canyon Open Space    Harris's Sparrow (Jim Merritt) (first 12/10) last 4/15++++Bluestem Open Space       Burrowing Owl (Lisa Lave) first 4/15  (NOTE: no water in Big Johnson Reservoir)++++Hanover Road and area     Cassin's Sparrow  (1) --Hanover Road (Steve Rash) last 4/15  Curve-billed Thrasher  (2) --DeGroot Road/south/Hanover Road (Andreas Winnem) first 4/15  (1) --Loop Road (Andreas Winnem) first 4/15++++Prospect Lake at Memorial Park, Colorado Springs      Bonaparte's Gull (25) (Cathy Bondy) first 4/13
Jefferson County++++Main Reservoir      Bonaparte's Gull (2) (Tom & Debbie Behnfield) first 4/14++++Harriman Lake Park     Eastern Phoebe (Susan Bonfiglio:Matt Clark) first 4/12++++Coors Pond & area    Red-necked Grebe (Bruce Snyder/Loch Kilpatrick) (first 4/7) last 4/12
Larimer County++++Fort Collins        Anna's Hummingbird --1721 Cottonwood Pt Drive (Rachel Hopper) (first 4/12) last 4/15++++Strauss Cabin area/Rigden Reservoir      Greater Scaup (up to 5) (David Leatherman/Amy Davis) (first 4/2) 1; last 4/15++++CSU Environmental Learning Center to Cattail Chorus      Eastern Screech-Owl (Georgia Doyle) last 4/15++++CSU Plant Environmental Research Center  White-throated Sparrow (2) (Robert Beauchamp) first 4/14  
Pueblo County++++Lake Beckwith      White-winged Scoter (Dave Silverman/Darth Aves) (first 11/21to 3/17) again; David Dowell 4/14++++IL Road, north of Youtsey Airport     Mountain Plover (3) (Eric Hynes:Donna Pomeroy) first 4/14++++Pueblo Reservoir      Black Phoebe (2) --below dam (David Dowell) last 4/14  Common Nighthawk (first of season; fos) (Diana Beatty) first 4/14  Northern Cardinal --sailboard launch area (Diane Beatty) first 4/14++++Swallows Road       Curve-billed Thrasher (Stevens:Michaels/Sue Riffe) (first 3/1) 5; last 4/14++++Runyon Lake    Black Phoebe (Darth Aves/Mark Yaeger) (first 3/28) last 4/13  Vermilion Flycatcher (Mark Yaeger) first 4/12
Weld County++++Weld County Road 59 Ponds    Semipalmated Plover (Chris Brown) first 4/15++++Cozzens Lake    Willet (Gene Rutherford) first 4/15++++County      Sharp-tailed Grouse(Re-introduced Birds, Plains subspecies)  (1) --CR 130/west/CR 134 (Robert Beauchamp) last 4/15++++CR 79 & South of High School, Briggsdale & area      Mountain Plover (4) (David Leatherman/John Haycraft) (first 3/28) last 4/14++++Pawnee National Grasslands area       Chestnut-collared Longspur  (10) --CR 132/west/hwy 71 (Thomas Ford-Hutchinson) first 4/14++++Firestone Gravel Pits   Greater Scaup (Mlodinow/John Vanderpoel) (first 3/25) 2; last 4/13++++Pawnee National Grasslands area  Mountain Plover  (1) --CR 86/west/CR 113 (Michael O'Brien) first 4/12  (1) --Hwy 14/east/CR 89 (Mike Buccieri) first 4/9  (2) --CR 100/east/CR 99 (Gregoriah Hartman) first 4/7
Crowley County++++Lake Henry    Lesser Black-backed Gull (Donna Pomeroy:Doug Gochfeld) first 4/14++++Highway 96, west of CR 16  Long-billed Curlew (3) (Donna Pomeroy) first 4/14
Kiowa County++++Neenoshe Reservoir      Red-throated Loon (Steve Mlodinow) reported 4/15  Snowy Plover (3) (Mlodinow) first 4/15  Semipalmated Plover (1) (Mlodinow) first 4/15  Mountain Plover (Mlodinow) first 4/15  Iceland Gull (Mlodinow) first 4/15  Greater Roadrunner (Mlodinow) first 4/15++++Upper Queens Reservoir    Common Loon (Mlodinow) first 4/15  Lesser Black-backed Gull (Mlodinow) first 4/15  
Lincoln County++++County Road 3F and area  Mountain Plover  (6) --CR 3f/CR 42 (Paul Wolter:Don Glasco/Sue Riffe) (first 4/6) 5; last 4/13
++++Little Jumbo Reservoir     Red-bellied Woodpecker (Diane Roberts) last 4/15
Phillips County++++Haxtun Sewage Ponds    Greater Scaup (Michael O'Brien) first 4/12
Washington County++++County Roads     Greater Prairie-Chicken  (12 --(CR P, btw CR 50 & CR 52) (Thomas Ford-Hutchinson) 4/14  (16) --CR Q/CR 50 (Sreemala Majumder/Ford-Hutchinson) (first 3/31) last 4/14 
Yuma County++++Yuma County Road 45 & area   Greater Prairie-Chicken  --CR 45 (2+ displaying) (Stevens:Michaels/Jim Dennis) (first 3/6) 1; last 4/15
Alamosa County++++Blanca Wetlands      Tundra Swan (Ricky Martinez) first 4/11  Snowy Plover (4) (Ricky Martinez) first 4/11  Sage Thrasher (Ricky Martinez) first 4/11
Archuleta County++++Navajo Reservoir  Black Phoebe --wildlife overlook area (Byron Greco/Charles Martinez:Jean Zimhelt) (first 3/26) last 4/15  
Chaffee County++++Monarch Pass  American Three-toed Woodpecker  (Stevens:Michaels/Pheneger) (first 3/1) last 4/15  Williamson's Sapsucker --Gunnison Cty (Sue Riffe) first 4/14   ++++Ice Lake  Bonaparte's Gull (Christian Hagenlocher) (first 4/2) 2; last 4/15   Pinyon Jay (5) (Hagenlocher) last 4/12++++Chaffee County   Lewis's Woodpecker  (1) --315 Pleasant Avenue (Luke Pheneger) last 4/15  (2) --Waters & James streets (Hagenlocher) first 4/15  Williamson's Sapsucker (1) --Hwy 285/Hwy 24 (Hagenlocher) first 4/15  American Three-toed Woodpecker (1) --Hwy 285/Hwy 24 (Hagenlocher) first 4/15  Pinyon Jay (60) --CR 361/north/CR 350 (Hagenlocher) first 4/15   
Clear Creek/Summit Counties++++Loveland Pass  (Summit Cty)  White-tailed Ptarmigan (below west side of Summit, Clear Creek Cty) (Christian Hagenlocher) 5; last 4/15++++Mt. Evans Road  American Three-toed Woodpecker --Chicago Creek Road (Ben Lagasse) first 4/15
Delta County++++Fruitgrower's Reservoir   Willet (2) (Sandy Beranich) first 4/15  Bonaparte's Gull (Connee Moffatt:Mike Henwood/Andrea Robinsong) (first 4/11) last 4/15
Fremont County++++Arkansas Riverwalk   Eastern Phoebe --Sells Pond to Raynolds Avenue (Catherine Olin) last 4/15++++Valco Ponds, Canon City   Greater White-fronted Goose (6) (Dale & Joel Adams) last 4/15++++Canon City     Lewis's Woodpecker --3220 Highland Avenue (J. Smith:Tonnessen:Hess/Rebecca Laroche:Cynthia Kristensen) (first 3/4) last 4/14++++Red Canyon      Pinyon Jay (23) --see map (Tracy Rackauskas) first 4/14++++MacKenzie Avenue & Grandvew Avenue, Canon City     Curve-billed Thrasher (Sue Riffe) 1; last 4/13
Grand County++++Wolford Mountain Recreation Area      Common Loon (Sandra Young) first 4/14++++Windy Gap Reservoir     Barrow's Goldeneye (11) (Matt Hansen/Wesley Homoya) (first 2/12) 12; last 4/14++++Highway 125, west of Willow Creek Reservoir  Bohemian Waxwing (61) (Wesley Honoya) first 4/14++++Hot Sulphur Springs  Bohemian Waxwing (14) --main street (Stevens & all) first 4/14
Gunnison County++++Blue Mesa Reservoir   Barrow's Goldeneye (5) (Christian Hagenlocher/Marcel Such:Luke Pheneger) (first 3/31) 6; last 4/15   
Jackson County++++County Road 26b area  Greater Sage-Grouse (up to 78) --CR 26b (Stevens:Michaels/Sandra Young) (first 2/26) 55; last 4/15++++Highway 14 near Coalmont     Long-billed Curlew (3) (Paul & Maureen Wolter/Wesley Homoya) (first 4/12) 2; last 4/15++++Walden Reservoir   Greater Scaup (2) (Tresa Moulton) first 4/15     Greater White-fronted Goose (Kevin & Jerry DeBoer) first 4/14  Bonaparte's Gull (Josua Smith:Danny Montalvo/Kevin & Jerry DeBoer) (first 3/26) last 4/14++++Highway 14 near Coalmont      Long-billed Curlew (3) (Paul & Maureen Woldter/Michael o"Brien) (first 4/12) 2; last 4/14++++Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge and Nearby      Pectoral Sandpiper (2) (Jerry & Kevin DeBoer) first 4/13  Sage Thrasher (Kevin & Jerry DeBoer) first 4/13++++Pole Mountain Reservoir  Common Loon (Jerry & Kevin DeBoer) first 4/13++++Colorado State Forest   Boreal Owl (1) --Hwy 14, see map (Kevin & Jerry DeBoer) last 4/15    Rosy Finches (Gray-crowned; Brown-capped) (Tom Johnson) 30+, last 4/13
La Plata County++++Pastorius Reservoir    Bonaparte's Gull (Amy Dobbins) first 4/12  ++++Wildcat Canyon (Rafter J)       Acorn Woodpecker (Sydney Penner) 3; last 4/9
Mesa County++++Brewster Ridge area   Sage Thrasher (Woodward:Price/Denise & Mark Vollmar) (first 3/10) 4; last 4/15  Sagebrush Sparrow (3) --Brewster's Ridge/Bar X Wash (Heather Shirley) last 4/12++++Connected Lakes State Park Area      American Bittern (Nic Korte) first 4/14  Black Phoebe --Phoebe Rock (Janet Oetinger/Nic Korte) (first 4/10) last 4/14++++Highline Lake State Park    Bonaparte's Gull (4) (Denise & Mark Vollmar/Mike Henwood) (first 4/11) 1;last 4/14  Caspian Tern (Denise & Mak Vollmar) first 4/13++++County Road 10  Cattle Egret (fos) (David Price) first 4/14++++Blue Heron Ponds     Black Phoebe (Denise & Mark Vollmar) first 4/13++++Palisade        Lewis's Woodpecker (2) --G Road (Gilbert Bouchard) last 4/13++++Cameo/Coal Canyon        Chukar (1) (Stevens:Michaels/Stephan Lorenz:Don Glasco) (first 2/28) 1; last 4/11
Moffat County++++Dinosaur National Monument   California Quail --orgin unknown (Kenny Frisch/CoBus group) (first 4/8) last 4/15 ++++Oxbow Wildlife Area     Sage Thrasher (Stevens:Kosten/CoBus group) (first 3/14) last 4/15  Sagebrush Sparrow (Stevens:Kosten/CoBus group) (first 3/14) last 4/15 ++++Bitter Brush Wildlife Area  Burrowing Owl (2) (Joey Kellner) first 4/13
Montezuma County++++McPhee Reservoir/Dolores Ponds       Long-tailed Duck --Dolores Ponds (Kathy Mihm-Dunning/Coen Dexter:Brenda Wrigbt) (first 2/14) last 4/13  Bonaparte's Gull (Dexter:Wright) first 4/13 
Montrose County++++Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park    Dusky Grouse (Stevens:Michaels/Aija Konrad) (first 2/28) 2; last 4/15++++Otter Pond       Common Loon (Betty Fenton) (first 4/14) last 4/15
Routt County++++County Road 46b      Sharp-tailed Grouse (9) (Tom Johnson/O'Brien) (first 4/13) last 4/15  Dusky Grouse (Tom Johnson) first 4/13++++80 Route Leks     Dusky Grouse (Stevens:Barker:Simmons/Michael O'Brien) (first 3/21) last 4/15  Greater Sage-Grouse (Stevens:Barker:Simmons/Tom Bunker) (first 3/21) last 4/14  Sharp-tailed Grouse (2) (CoBus group/Tom Bunker) (first 3/31) 12; last 4/14++++Twenty Road Leks    Sharp-tailed Grouse (2) (Stevens:Michaels/Kevin DeBoer) (first 2/27) 1; last 4/13
Teller County++++Florissant Fossil Beds    Williamson's Sapsucker (David Elwonger) first 4/15++++Horsethief Park Trail   American Three-toed Woodpecker (2) (David Tonnessen) last 4/12
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