Date: 4/15/18 7:03 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Heislerville WMA (impoundment) and home birding
On Sat, Keith Phillips and I arrived at H’ville around 9AM for purpose of scouting for shorebirds in anticipation of DVOC field trip to arrive later in the morning from Bellplain. Both Keith and I are not early-morning birders so 7:30 AM birding is almost non-existent in our birding bible. We did our best to find the previous reported ruff or one of those dunlin-like bird with all white rump, and we struck out on both.

But once the DVOC crew arrived and met a few more birders, I felt I was at my peak of birding skill. Reason ? I was surrounding by several good birders so they brought the best out of me, it was that simple.

I went back this morning for more shorebird ID torture/punishment. The weather/wind was 180 from the day before. I had two layers of running tights over a fleece lined jeans and several layers on top, and I was freezing cold.

However, due to the overcast sky, the viewing condition was almost 180 from yesterday and it was near perfect as there were no sun-lit birds in view. Sad part was there were no birders while I was there except a couple of drive-by birders. I was driving home thinking what if those same good birders were there they would have re-found that ruff, while I struck out again.

On other note, I had to take off like a bat out of hell from H’ville on Sat to be a birding guide for the afternoon. The route was woods behind my house. At one particular sunny-n-open trail adjacent to an extensive hardwood swamp we decide to take a break for tasting. Then we noticed bugs in the air and titmouse and chickadees. After spitting into the woods, we had fantastic views of palm, yellow-rump and pine warblers, We also had two hermit thrush while hiking the ATV/motorcycle one the way out and back. Also E. Phoebes along the edges of a small pond. My client was Mary.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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