Date: 4/15/18 6:58 pm
From: Ben Jesup and Pam Koger-Jesup via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] American redstart and other highlights of a nice weekend
Jim Mathews and I birded Leesylvania State Park and Occoquan NWR on
Saturday. Best bird was a signing adult male AMERICAN REDSTART in the
parking lot at Leesylvania, a full 10 days before my earliest in years past.
Other good birds there included:

Bonaparte's gull 6

White-eyed vireo 4 (FOS)

Creeper 1

House wren (1) (as is often the case, they came in all at once on Friday
night-there were two in my neighborhood as well)

RC kinglets 6

Parula 1 (FOS)

Yellow-rump 3

Yellow-throated warbler 10 (FOS)

At Occoquan:

Ruddy duck 20

King rail 1

Bonaparte's gull 2

RC kinglet 4

Thrasher 1

Yellowthroat 1 (FOS)

Yellow-rumped 7

Yellow-throated warbler 1

Prairie 1 (FOS)

Junco 1 (LOS?)

Possibly most interesting at Occoquan were not birds, but a mud turtle
crossing the path, and two insects I had never seen before: falcate
orangetip (5), and a striking diurnal moth (Grapevine Epimenis).

On Sunday, we birded the back side of Huntley Meadows. Highlights included:

Broad-winged hawk 1

Coot 2

Loon 1

Solitary sandpiper (FOS)

Chimney swift 3

Blue-headed vireo 1 (FOS)

White-eyed vireo 2

RC kinglet 2

Hermit thrush 4

Ovenbird 4 (FOS)

B&W warbler 1 (FOS)

Yellowthroat 10

Palm 2

Yellow-rump 12

Rusty BB 7

And over 40 gnatcatchers.

Ben Jesup


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