Date: 4/15/18 11:34 am
From: Marshall Iliff <miliff...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Two Mew Gulls (one canus, one brachyrhynchus) at Cohasset

This morning Vin Zollo found an adult Mew Gull among 100+ Ring-billed at
Sandy Beach, Cohasset.

It was not present when I arrived at 12:30 (with Kathleen Rawdon) but
appeared 30 min later. After much study and many photos, it seems very
likely to be L.c. brachyrhynchus, the western USA/Canada subspecies and
just the state’s second if so. Subspecies ID hinges on mantle color,
structure and details of primary pattern and is discussed at (great) length
in a recent Dutch Birding paper by Peter Adriaens and Chris Gibbins.

Interestingly, I lost it at about 1:45 but spotted an adult, banded L. c.
canus. This is a different bird than the recent Lynn/Nahant bird as it has
a color band that seems to show 741.

Much gull activity here in high surf. Seems likely to continue tomorrow
given the forecast.

Marshall Iliff

Marshall J. Iliff
miliff AT
Westwood, MA
eBird Project Leader
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Ithaca, NY

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