Date: 4/15/18 8:52 am
From: Jack E. Solomon <00000003433c95af-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Frick Today. Fox Sparrow hits a grand slam, Allegheny County
Four good birds at Frick Park, a four-bagger:Fox Sparrow, batting cleanup, drove in:Winter Wren (Susie only, heard only)Hermit Thrush (Susie only)Brown Creeper (Susie only)
Bloodroot blooms within 10 feet of twinleaf at the intersection of Ravine and Nature trails. They look quite a bit alike. Both are sweet, beautiful, greetings from Mom Nature saying that she loves me best.
Jack Solomon, withSusie Solomon
Obiter dicta (That's Latin, meaning all that follows is a waste of time and bandwidth.)
I missed 3 of the noteworthy birds, above, by stopping to talk to and meet, other birders. Susie usually stops briefly then walks away and continues birding. Two different strategies, each with different advantages and costs.
We just returned from 3 months in FL and TX.
Common Myna was a lifer seen in a Burger King parking lot, making it a Burger Kinglet. Susie missed it. I really alternate between gloating and regretting her miss.
The other lifer: To get to the territories of the Black-capped Vireos, we both hiked 5 miles including up and back down a 400 foot elevation change in a short, steep, segment of loose, rocky, terrain. After hearing several, we saw two small birds flush from where the song came from, got a brief, unsatisfying, glimpse, then heard the song  come from where they landed. We concluded we would count them as seen, as well as heard. No respectable ornithologist, amateur or professional, would agree. Our list, our rules.  A local birder we met up there told us they are among the hardest birds in North America to get a good look at. (Never use a preposition to end a sentence with).

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