Date: 4/14/18 11:32 pm
From: <aurore...> [osbirds] <osbirds...>
Subject: [osbirds] Major migrant movement
I had a brown creeper in the yard today. The song sparrows and juncos have been joined by white throated sparrows and chipping sparrows. Under the feeder was a reddish bird that I thought was a fox sparrow, but it turned out to be a brown thrasher.

I went to Brookwood Gardens. Sad to see so many trees cut down- lost a lot of nesting places. There were lots of birds, but my binoculars are being repaired so I couldn't really see well enough to identify most of them. I could hear a red-bellied woodpecker and a YB sapsucker. As I walked down the trail I was surrounded by small birds, chipping sparrows, about a dozen ruby crowned kinglets and others. I think there was a loon out on the lake- it sat low in the water, but without my binoculars... Hope I get them back soon.

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