Date: 4/14/18 8:37 pm
From: Dave Nutter <nutter.dave...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Recent arrivals in Cayuga Lake Basin
Lots of species have arrived in the Cayuga Lake Basin during the past week. Below is a list of the 20 first arrivals of which I’ve heard, along with the dates, finders, and locations. They are actually numbers 156-176 for the year so far. If any of the information looks wrong or insufficient to you, please let me know. The complete list is on the Cayuga Bird Club website Resources page.

- - Dave Nutter

Dunlin April 08 David Wheeler, Deborah Dohne Carncross Rd, Savannah
Little Gull April 08 Jay McGowan NYS-89 nr Schuyler Cr, Varick
Purple Martin April 08 Gary Kohlenberg NYS-89 nr Schuyler Cr, Varick
Red Crossbill April 08 Kevin McGowan Neptune Dr, Dryden
Common Tern April 11 Joe Oddi Montezuma NWR, Tyre
Northern Rough-winged Swallow April 11 Scott Haber Salt Pt, Myers, Lansing
American Bittern April 12 Jon Gross Montezuma NWR, Tyre
Virginia Rail April 12 Ann Mitchell Eaton Marsh, Wildlife Dr, Montezuma NWR, Tyre
Solitary Sandpiper April 12 Josh Snodgrass Halls Corners Rd E/Stout Rd, Covert
American White Pelican April 13 Gregg Dashnau Main Pool, Montezuma NWR, Tyre
Green Heron April 13 Annette Nadeau Burns Rd, Brooktondale, Caroline
Spotted Sandpiper April 13 Jay McGowan CU ponds, Niemi Rd, Dryden
Forster’s Tern April 13 David Harrison Wildlife Dr, Montezuma NWR, Tyre
Bank Swallow April 13 Jay McGowan VC, Montezuma NWR, Tyre
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher April 13 Alex Wiebe, Gates Dupont Sapsucker Wds, Dryden/Lansing/Ithaca
Louisiana Waterthrush April 13 Chris Wood Monkey Run S, Dryden
Ruff April 14 Wade & Melissa Rowley Carncross Rd, Savannah
Pectoral Sandpiper April 14 J McGowan, L Santana, L Chen, J Collison, E Hughes, T Lenz Carncross Rd, Savannah
Cliff Swallow April 14 Jay McGowan Myers Pt, Lansing
Palm Warbler April 14 Diane Morton, Ken Kemphues, Phil McNeil et al; Nita Irby Wilson Trail, Sapsucker Wds, Lansing; Lake Rd, Dryden
Western Meadowlark April 14 Joe Brin, Renee Kittleman Armitage Rd E/Olmsted Rd, Savannah

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