Date: 4/14/18 4:52 pm
From: James O'Brien <jphillipobrien...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Allenhurst Birding
Lots going on in this little sea-meets-the-land location. The main development is that whoever erected the purple martin houses, they have returned. On the downside, the HOSPs are mounting an offensive to take them. At the water tower, the 2nd spring peregrine showed up this morning. Some fish crows that are now nesting there came by to intimidate, but the falcon just seemed curious.
Not soon after, the adult peregrine attacked it and drove it off, both loudly calling! Much to my surprise, it came back. The reason? There’s so much food. Grackles nest in the super structure so they just have to muster in order to feed.
Also seen were two cooper’s hawks on the wing, seemed to be migrating, and 3 common loons.
Finally there’s about 12 BCNH hanging out in a tree there…Im hoping they nest.

Great birding,

Asbury Park

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