Date: 4/14/18 3:13 pm
From: <blafley...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] The coyote and the geese

This morning in the back of the corn fields on Blackinton Rd in New Salem there was a small group of crows, ducks and about 15-20 Canada Geese. A coyote came towards the group of birds scattering the ducks and crows but the geese just stood their staring at the coyote as if to say ‚~@~Xmake our day‚~@~Y. The coyote finally backed away and made a run at a few more crows before heading into the woods.

At the Orange Airport there were 2 singing Vesper Sparrows, a Meadowlark, at least 5 A Kestrels and 4 Killdeer. Also had Rusty Blackbirds on Fay Rd in New Salem.

Bill Lafley
New Salem
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