Date: 4/14/18 10:47 am
From: Bryan Henson via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Banshee Reeks group walk results (Loudoun)
On a warm and clear skied Saturday where the forest was blanketed by Spring
Beauties, a dozen folks participated in the monthly Banshee Reeks walk. We
found the park full of Tree Swallows, White-throated sparrows and very
active Eastern Towhees (sitting in the open singing!).

We found several first of season birds - Common Yellowthroat, Gray Catbird,
Broad-winged Hawks and a very cooperative Green Heron. Another highlight
included a Great Horned Owl that flew in as I was dissecting an owl pellet
we found on the trail.

Notable misses: Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers, Northern Parula (heard the
day before and by another birder today), Swamp sparrow, Mallard, Barn
swallow and gulls.

The full list is on eBird at

*Non-avian sightings:*
Coyote! running across the field on the other side of Goose Creek
Butterflies - Spring/Summer Azure, Falcate Orangetip, Polygonia (Question
Mark probably), Cabbage White, and a possible Red Admiral (which would be
early I believe)
Common Green Darner
Garter snake

Thanks to Mary Anne Good and Hawkeye Andy for helping on the walk.

The regular monthly free bird walk (every 2nd Sat) at the Banshee Reeks
Nature Preserve is sponsored by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy ( and Friends Of Banshee Reeks (

*Upcoming Loudoun Wildlife bird walks:*
April 28th - Monthly (4th Sat) BRCES walk
May 9th - Goodstone Inn and Estate

May 13th - Algonkian Park - Sanctuary Trail

Bryan Henson
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