Date: 4/14/18 9:06 am
From: Diane Morton <dianegmorton...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Sapsucker Woods this morning
Ken Kemphues and I led a bird walk around the Wilson Trail this morning at
Sapsucker Woods that included several first-of-year birds for us. A
NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW was circling low over the pond to give us
good looks- the only swallow we saw on our walk.

Over by the Sherwood platform, two EASTERN TOWHEES foraged next to the
path. Seconds later a PALM WARBLER appeared above us, tail-pumping, as it
flew among the tree branches.
We also found several yellow-rumped warblers and two PINE WARBLERS. We were
able to watch one of them singing its trilling song.

Two FOX SPARROWS and three HERMIT THRUSHES appeared as we rounded the trail
after the Harper bench, and three YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS chased each
other through the trees, with squeaky vocalizations. We spotted both
GOLDEN-CROWNED and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS and could see the colorful crowns
of each.

Turned out that this foggy spring morning was a great time to be out.

Diane Morton


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