Date: 4/13/18 2:18 pm
From: Herbert Flavell <herb1013...>
Subject: Bears and snakes.
I received this little story today and its good advice. We had a bear
walking up the front stairs 2 times last year after our bird feeders.
Another thing I warn my son about is Copperheads and Timber Rattle
snakes are coming out of there winter dens.Herb Flavell Gods Knobn and
Milk Can Corners.

you would think, since I have lived in this neck of the woods all of my
life, that I would have thought of it. But, I didn’t.

The first thing I saw when I came out from my bedroom one morning last
week was my bird feeder- scattered in pieces across the yard. The metal
container that held sunflower seed and sat on my stoop all winter was on
its side. The cover not only had been pulled off, but had been tossed
into a corner. And I had weighted that thing down with a rock! Yep! The
bears are out of hibernation and of course they are hungry. This one was
probably a bit ticked off, since there wasn’t much left in that
container. I had planned to buy another bag of seed on my next trip to
town. That won’t be necessary now. I must have been sleeping pretty
soundly to have missed the racket all of that activity would have caused.

Since I am who I am I grabbed my camera and took pictures, all the while
calling the invasive critter unflattering names under my breath.
However, once I simmered down, I gave myself a lecture. I should have
realized that it was very likely to happen. It isn’t the first time
bears have been in my yard. ’Tis the season.

Apparently he, she or they were on a determined hunt. My bird feeder
wasn’t the only one emptied or trashed that night. Several neighbors
reported signs of hungry visitors. After all, why not, since most of us
humans like to feed the birds and the food is out there, available for
the snitching. My nephew found tracks of a large bear and a small one;
probably a sow and a cub. Others saw one large bear. In either case, if
I had caught the critter in the act, I certainly wouldn’t have put up
any argument with him - or her.

After I had eaten some breakfast and enjoyed a cup of coffee, I went out
to clean up the mess. While I worked, I could imagine the conversation
between that Mama and her cub. “Now, Junior,” she might say. “I have
something to show you. I know you are very hungry, since we haven’t had
a bite since last fall. It won’t be hard to find a very quick snack.
Human are so amazing, And so generous! “

And she led him around this neighborhood where I live, first to one
house, then the next. Down came the bird feeders, one after the other.
Oh, those seeds were tasty.

Once she they had finished there, even though it was getting late, she
brought her babe down to my yard. By that time he (or she) had gotten
the idea. This was just nothing but fun.

On they went. Of course, my neighbors and I weren’t the only ones. Only
those who had the foresight to take their birdfeeders inside escaped the

“You do have to remember this, my child”, Mama Bear cautioned her
delighted offspring. “This only works one or two nights. Then the humans
catch on and take the feeders into their dens. Once that happens, you’ll
have to work a bit harder for your supper.”


Actually, it is probably wasn’t a mama bear with a cub that came to my
house. More than likely, it was one good sized papa bear. In any case, I
will buy another feeder and I’ll do my best to remember to bring it in
at dusk. I miss my bird buddies. The seed container is stored inside for

And, of course, it is almost time to put out some sugar water for the
hummingbirds. ‘Tis the season.
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