Date: 4/13/18 9:06 am
From: Gregory Hanisek via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Atlas - nest field guide
A number of you who have been birding a long time may well have the
Peterson series classic, A Field Guide to Birds' Nests in the United States
East of the Mississippi River by Hal Harrison. As the popularity of finding
and chasing birds has boomed, field study of breeding birds close to home
has waned, but the CT Atlas prompted me to dust off my copyright 1975 copy.

I had forgotten how much useful and just plain interesting information is
packed in that little book and would highly recommend it. There have been
new editions since I acquired mine and it apparently still is in print.

It has basic info on egg color and size; description of nests; and
explanations on typical nest sites. There are photos of eggs in nests.
Fascinating to me are the Notes sections with each species account. Here's
one example from Hairy Woodpecker:

"Female permanent resident in breeding territory; male joins her at start
of breeding season in late winter. Pair formation, courtship occur as much
as three months before start of breeding season (April)."

Greg Hanisek
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