Date: 4/12/18 6:02 pm
Subject: RE: Still No Say’s Phoebe (1:00 PM)
Say's Phoebes apparently do not often hang around in SC. I have tried over the years to relocate a few SC strays without success, including one in Congaree NP that didn't even hang around for the afternoon. Robin and I looked for one in the Townville area Christmas Day one year. No bird. But we did have a nice Christmas dinner in a Hooter's that transformed itself into a family restaurant for the day. Maybe one will show up in my yard. After years of looking for reported Varied Thrushes, two showed up in my yard for a brief visit one snowy morning.

Caroline Eastman
Columbia, SC
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Subject: Still No Say’s Phoebe (1:00 PM)

Good Afternoon. Several birders have stopped by today and (to my knowledge) no one has seen the Say's Phoebe thus far.

Kevin Kubach
Clemson, SC

On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 7:24 AM, Kevin Kubach <kmkubach...><mailto:<kmkubach...>> wrote:
Good Morning. An initial scan of the fence and nearby area just now did not reveal the Say’s Phoebe this morning, but maybe it’s waiting for the sun to come up and bugs to get active?

Kevin Kubach
Clemson, SC

On Apr 11, 2018, at 5:42 PM, Kevin Kubach <kmkubach...><mailto:<kmkubach...>> wrote:

Good afternoon. A Say’s Phoebe was seen at the Clemson/SCDNR “Cherry Farm” today around noon, and the bird was again seen flycatching from the barbed wire fence into late afternoon.

Location details in checklist linked below:<>

Kevin Kubach
Greenville/Clemson, SC

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