Date: 4/12/18 4:34 pm
From: Ellie George <elgeorge46...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Whitney Creek waterfowl and still 3 Snowies in Bridport
We paddled Whitney Creek from the Rt. 125 boat launch at mid-day today and
found a large diversity of waterfowl and other birds:

Caspian Terns-pair fishing


Great Blue Heron

Ospreys-3 pair nest building

Bald Eagle-immature

Canada Geese


Black Ducks

Ring-necked Ducks



Wood Ducks

Green-winged Teal

Blue-winged Teal

Hooded Merganser

There was also a Carolina Wren singing near the boat launch.

In Bridport we found a continuing juvenile female Snowy Owl on the north
side of Middle Rd. about a quarter mile W of Basin Harbor Rd. A very white
snowy, probably an adult and an owl I have not seen before this winter, was
on the W side of Basin Harbor Rd. about a quarter mile N of Swinton Rd.
Finally, a light snowy was on a fence post S of Crown Point Rd. about a
quarter mile W of Basin Harbor Rd. We saw all of these owls just before
the rain and right after it started.

Also on Middle Rd. near the first owl, a female Northern Harrier was
hunting. Near the owl on Basin Harbor Rd., a female light-phase
Rough-legged Hawk was perched in a red cedar.

This is the latest date I have ever seen Snowy Owls. I have been visiting
Addison County every week since mid-December to observe snowies, and I am
very interested to learn when they all leave. If you see any snowies this
spring, please post to the list or email me privately.

Thank you!

Ellie George

Paradox, NY

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