Date: 4/12/18 2:02 pm
From: Jennifer Harned <jen.harned...>
Subject: Re: Off topic - Southern Flying Squirrels at Bradford Dam, Bucks County
So cool! I have had them roosting in a blue bird box in my yard
periodically over the past few years, but never saw them that active!

Jen Harned
Downingtown, Chester County

On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 4:53 PM Gail Johnson <
<00000103bc917fb6-dmarc-request...> wrote:

> I was down near the water at 9:30am this morning in a wet, secluded area
> near the creek that frequently floods, and spotted what I believe were
> Southern Flying Squirrels. They were flying at a little above eye height
> from one snag pocked with woodpecker holes to another. They would leap and
> fly from one snag to another, land with all 4 feet, and scurry up the snag
> and into a woodpecker hole. They were small, tan on the back, white on the
> belly, and in mainly deciduous growth. That was a lifer for me. Since
> these guys are apparently mostly nocturnal, I felt very lucky to see them
> easily. After I figured out what they were, I left them in peace, since
> I'm sure they weren't that happy to have me around.
> Gail Johnson, Warminster, Bucks
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