Date: 4/12/18 1:13 pm
From: Bob Bethune <bobbethune...>
Subject: Re: [birders] Feds propose dropping Kirtland's Warbler from endangered species list
My problem isn’t the biology, it’s the politics. Kirtland’s warbler, due to
its unusual biology, will always need substantial resources for
conservation, protection, research, and so forth. As soon as it’s no longer
a listed species, there are people who will do their level best to gut the
funding, gut the protection, gut the research and gut the birds themselves
if at all feasible. There is always money that wants to use land in ways
that are destructive to sensitive species. That money will be saying,
“Those birds are just fine now! They don’t need protection! They’ll be
A-OK!” That line will be heard in “quiet conversations” in the offices of
politicians the day delisting happens, and it will not be easy to fight,
especially since many of those politicians will neither know nor care about
the ongoing needs of the species. To win those battles, you need every tool
you can get. De-listing or reduction in listing level means losing a very
important too.

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