Date: 4/12/18 9:44 am
From: Ian Carlsen <i.a.carlsen...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] PAWA & OSPR - Eastern Promenade
Finally had time to get out this morning to investigate my favorite
"backyard" patch. Song Sparrows and Northern Mockingbirds were omnipresent.
There were plenty of American Robins fretting back and forth through the
staghorn sumac, or bobbing along the open grass, their calls mingling with
the namesake cries of several Eastern Phoebes who seem to be establishing
their territory and speedily setting upon the local insect population.

A lone male Red-winged Blackbird was perched at the top of a tall maple
singing his distinctive spring-heralding "conk-la-reee" song despite a lack
of any decent breeding habitat nearby. Another welcome sign of warmer days
to come was a Palm Warbler stealthily probing through undergrowth along the
mid-slope trail.

Interestingly there were a few Dark-eyed Juncos still lingering about. I
believe it's the first time I've logged them alongside a warbler species on
the Eastern Prom.

Osprey in both nests along the old Grand Trunk RR trestle. Common Loons in
their summer plumage scattered about. Buffleheads remain in diminished
numbers. No Double-crested Cormorants yet.

A beautiful and refreshing morning, and the buds are getting more and more
noticeable each day. I hope some part of it reaches you all, especially in
the snowier parts of the state!


Ian Carlsen
Portland, ME

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