Date: 4/12/18 9:44 am
From: Frank Lehman <frank.lehman...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Arlington Reservoir -- Blue-Winged Teal, Lesser Black-Backed Gull (?)
Hi all,

I birded Arlington Reservoir this morning, and in addition to the wonderful
encounter with my FOY Palm Warblers and Butter-butts, I spotted a few
somewhat unusual birds for the location.

First, a candidate for Lesser Black-Backed Gull in breeding plumage. It was
hanging out with a flock of mixed gulls right on the pond by the parking
lot. I'm definitely not a gull expert, but this bird, which was roughly the
size of a Herring Gull, with pretty dark back and very bright yellow legs,
caught my attention immediately. I managed to get some poor but probably
diagnostic photos of the bird, posted to eBird. I defer to the experts on
this one, but thought I'd share anyway.

Second, there was a single Blue-Winged Teal--unusual but not super rare for
this location. It was associating with a pair of Mallards, not too far from
the northern edge of the pond, where there also happened to be a few
Green-Winged Teals and Black Ducks. Also on the pond, 5 Ring-Necked Ducks,
3 Wood Ducks, about 10 Buffleheads, and a few pairs of Mute Swans.

All in all, a great morning!


Frank Lehman,
Assistant Professor of Music, Tufts University
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Coordinator of Music Theory

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