Date: 4/11/18 5:32 pm
From: Jim Grieshaber <jgrieshaber44...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] RR Eagles: Update
Jersey Birders,

I observed the Raritan River eagles at Bridgewater on Tuesday April 10. I
am pleased (and relieved) to say that they appear to be thriving. I was
able to take a distant (somewhat grainy) photo, which shows one of the
adults feeding the two juveniles. Additionally, I observed the two mature
eagles soaring together and later perched on a sycamore branch. (Further up
river toward Zarephath, I also saw an immature soaring.)

Thanks to all who responded to my initial concern (email in March) about
the construction in proximity to the nest. The work in that area is
complete, and construction is continuing at a safe distance from the nest.

Jim Grieshaber

Somerset County

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