Date: 4/11/18 1:06 pm
From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Subject: [COBOL] Nesting news
While checking on GOEA nests in western Crook County this morning for OEF I
encountered some interesting nest swapping. The Redtail nest above the
Terrebonne Pioneer Cemetery had an adult Great Horned Owl guarding two half
grown owlets. Continuing east over the Crooked River bridge a Canada Goose
was incubating in a Redtail nest up in the rim rock above the feedlot/bull
pen. About half way to Prineville on the O'Neil Highway there is a new
Bald Eagle nest on the south side up in some cottonwoods. Bald Eagles are
again using the tree nest east of the intersection of Elliot Lane while the
old GBH rookery nearby has a Great Horned Owl who, no pun intended, was in
incubation position. At nearby Round Butte both raptor nests are occupied
by Canada Geese. Two Osprey were occupying a nest on a power pole at the
intersection of 33rd and O'Neil. They are not using a nesting platform and
the nest was not present when I did my winter raptor route in February with
Dave Forbs.

David Vick

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