Date: 4/10/18 8:36 am
From: Lynn Erla Beegle (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Great Horned Owl fledglings at Anderson Point Park, Wake Co, NC
The Wake Audubon birdwalk today (April 10, 2018) was at Anderson Point
Park. Despite traffic noise, the cold cloudy conditions, and the
strong stench of sewage near the river, we enjoyed the walk, for we
One of us spotted the older GHOW fledgling sitting in a pine tree near
bridge 256 (the huge bridge that crosses Crabtree Creek near the
Point, part of the Neuse River Greenway). The young owl was sitting
on the Neuse side of the bridge, near the west end of the bridge, in a
pine tree that is over the dirt trail that leads to the Anderson
Point. We MUST have walked directly below this owl without seeing it
when we walked out to the Point. It was (almost) easy to spot from the
ramp leading up to the bridge (looked like a football in the tree.
At about 9:30 am, two American Crows arrived to harass the owl, and
that's when the other three GHOW appeared: two adults and a younger
fledgling! These adults defended those young. We also noted what is
probably the GHOW nest, in a pine tree with one trunk that splits into
two trunks high up. This was just a few yards from the young owls.
You might see these Great Horned Owls if you head over to Anderson
Point Park in the next day or two (Anderson Point Drive, Raleigh, Wake
County, NC). Walk the paved greenway east towards the big bridge that
crosses near the Point (where Crabtree Creek merges with Neuse River).
NOTE: Get ready for a very strong smell from what must be spilled
sewage, however. I may have to call the town to ask about that. Sewage
odors have been a recurring problem, but it's never been that bad

Here is our ebird checklist with two owl photos (so far)
(Better photos will be added later)

There is also a GHOW nest at Wilkerson Preserve (Raven Ridge Road,
Raleigh, Wake County NC), which is easier to see than these birds. It
is in the pine tree above the restrooms. There are two young in that
nest. You might want to try both sites. Note that the owls are still
in the nest at Wilkerson, while these young owls at Anderson are quite
a bit older - able to fly short distances and trading their down for
Good birding to you!
Lynn Erla Beegle
Raleigh NC
465 days of birding.... can't stop now!
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