Date: 4/9/18 4:42 pm
From: Laura Jackson <jacksonlaura73...>
Subject: Feeder frenzy Bedford Co.
Snow showers brought a frenzy of feeding birds today just outside our
kitchen window from 1:15 - 2:15 pm today.

over 120 American goldfinches - they were devouring both nyjer seeds and
sunflower hearts
over 23 cardinals - all were perched in one hawthorn tree - I think they
were afraid to penetrate the frantic goldfinches to get to the feeders
5 juncoes
2 male Eastern towhees
1 fox sparrow
1 chickadee
5 white-throated sparrows
2 pileated woodpeckers
1 tufted titmouse
1 downy woodpecker
1 red-bellied woodpecker
3 mourning doves
6 house finches
3 house sparrows

We had a lot of birds feeding all day, but was especially busy early

Laura Jackson
Bedford Co.
lower slopes of Tussey Mountain south of Everett
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