Date: 4/9/18 8:28 am
From: 'The \Nunn Guy\' via Colorado Birds <cobirds...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Weld County Spring Birds
Hi all

To continue about the ethics of entering oil and gas operations access
roads ... "Birders were out birding the other day and drove that oil road
behind Behrens Res. again. The farmer came out on a motorcycle and said it
is private and went on and on about people (not birders) causing problems
back there. He's considering putting up a no trespassing sign." Sounds
like birders behave. :-)

I "assume" the same access issues for the oil and gas access road on east
side of Loloff Reservoir. When in doubt about access ask the locals would
be my advice--they would probably allow access knowing who is going back

Just an FYI ...

Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn

We told him we would leave immediately and he said we could look as he
knows my car now. We left immediately. We will not drive that road again.
On Monday, April 2, 2018 at 8:59:39 AM UTC-6, The "Nunn Guy" wrote:
> Hi all
> In the process of uploading photos ...
> - Mountain Bluebird - 5 [Weld CR 100 and 108]
> - Sage Thrasher - 1 [Weld CR 114 about one mile east of Hwy 85]
> - Mourning Dove - 1 [Weld CR 102]
> - Say's Phoebe - 3 [My Nunn yard, Windsor Lake and Weld CR 48 Marsh]
> - Spotted Sandpiper - 2 [Crom Lake]
> - Great-tailed Grackle - 13 [Woods Lake (10); Crom Lake (1); Drake
> Lake (1); Weld CR 86 Marsh (1)]
> - Franklin's Gull - 5 [Drake Lake]
> - Greater Yellowlegs - 9 [Weld CR 48 Marsh (5); Weld CR 23 Pond
> (Severance) (4)]
> - Least Sandpiper - 2 [Weld CR 23 Pond (Severance)]
> - American Avocet - 8 [Beebe Draw]
> - Yellow-headed Blackbird - 1 [Weld CR 84 Marsh (Pierce)]
> - Sandhill Crane - 1 [Behren's Reservoir]
> - Loggerhead Shrike, Black-necked Stilt in Latham Reservoir and Beebe
> Draw complex reported by local birders in conversation afield
> Ethics issues/questions:
> - Saw two birders blatantly trespassing in LaSalle-area hot spot. It
> is an oil and gas service/ranching road which also had no trespass sign at
> the access entrance-in talking with the local birders above they mentioned
> the two birders said they were not from the area
> - Question: Is the oil and gas service road on east side of Behrens
> Reservoir public access? Does not have No Trespass sign.
> - Question: Is the oil and gas road on east side of Loloff Reservoir
> public access? Does not have No Trespass sign.
> Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn

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