Date: 4/9/18 8:14 am
From: Karenne Snow <njwren46...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Other weekend birding
I was working Sunday, so I didn't make the run to Pedricktown. Instead, I
had a grand non-rarity afternoon on Saturday.

The snow did not materialize and the sun was shining, so I visited one of
my favorite local patches - Whitesbog - in Burlington and Ocean counties.

I was surprised with a blizzard of warblers and phoebes enjoying what must
have been a bountiful insect hatch. Gorgeous yellow Palm Warblers, active
Yellow-rumps, more sedate Pine Warblers, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and a
Golden-crowned Kinglet, plus a surplus of Phoebes - all over the place. The
Yellow-rumps even found some insects on the roof of my truck!

Like Yong, I'm always looking for something unusual in my usual places, but
those Palm Warblers will stand out for making an April day one of the most
beautiful ever.


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