Date: 4/8/18 10:06 pm
From: Larry Scacchetti <larrybird4134...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Black-tailed Godwit viewing
First off I want to give Jon Stippack a huge congrats to finding a bird
that has not been seen in NJ 47 years ago! Thanks to him and Sandra Keller
for getting the word out so quickly as well. When i was 30 minutes away,
Steve Glynn had called me and told me he was in an area near the Amazon
warehouse that offered a great view of the marsh that wasn't visible from
the causeway. A quick stop at the causeway just to touch base with
everyone there and it was off to Amazon. Upon arrival Steve and his son
and I gave a quick scan of the area to no avail. Steve however did see a
bird that was of interest. Him and his son headed off to Wawa and I
decided to explore the area.

I found an access trail a little further down the road where I hiked in and
briefly saw the bird in flight with a group of yellowlegs. I called the
group over on the causeway and the group all headed over. On my way out to
meet the group, I saw the bird again in flight tuck down into the center of
the marsh. Everyone showed up and set up their scopes and within half an
hour we all had the bird in the scope. After distant looks, I headed out
to find a better vantage point.

The bird stayed in the center of the marsh most of the day and offered
amazing looks while feeding and in flight. The bird did head back towards
the causeway in the early evening as the tide came in.

Some shots from the day can be seen here :

Larry Scacchetti
Montvale, NJ

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