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Subject: Re: [osbirds] Yellow-bellied Sapsucker with a Black crown
Very interesting indeed, Kathryn! Birds of North America On One also mentions this female variant (See quote below.). But could your photo be that of an immature Y-b Sapsucker?

"Small-medium woodpecker; length about 21–22 cm; mass 43–55 g. Black bib on upper breast, prominent red forehead and crown with black border and band at rear, black stripe along side of head bordered by 2 white stripes that join at nape, crown red, large white wing-patch formed by median and greater coverts, back blackish (with yellowish barring), rump white, and underparts buffy or yellow-tinged. Chin and throat mostly red in male, white in female. Some females with reduced or no red on forehead, but otherwise similar to male in plumage and size. Juveniles similar to adults but with black on head and breast replaced by brownish and subdued red-and-white head markings.

Photo of immature Y-b Sapsucker in in Birds of NA On Line
John Davis
> I’ve been delighted to have a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker with a black crown (a female?) “tapping” a maple tree directly in front of my kitchen window for about 2 hours this afternoon. At one point, it left and a red squirrel took over lapping up the leaking sap. The black crown was confusing at first. Lucky I got the 2016 edition of Sibley’s book. It actually has a sketch of this unusual variant! The older edition did not have it. I’ll try to attach 2 photos that I was able to get and crop…
> ~Kathryn Davino
> <fullsizeoutput_4a7e.jpeg><fullsizeoutput_4a84.jpeg>

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