Date: 4/8/18 5:32 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Yong Comment [JERSEYBI] Godwit timing for Monday
Five Stars to Sir Jon Stippick for finding the Black-tailed Godwit at P'Town
Marsh, and NJ's Birding Ambassador Sandra for getting the word out !!

When I open the text alert I was on my way to the wrong Godwit corner and I
was at the wrong place. I was at Brig I shifting thru about 350-375 strong
egret flock at Gull Pond looking for a certain egret with a hippy pony tail
that we all know is not there. The largest egret flock I have seen at Brig
to date. I had my chance not to enter the dike drive and head over to the
P'Town Marsh. But I refused and headed over to the Brig's Godwit Corner (aka
The Dogleg) in search of shorebirds.

At the dogleg I looked at Sandra's ebird and her photos. And I had Sir Jon
Stippick's godwit fill cuz Sandra's fantastic photos, and felt there was no
need for me to head over to P'Town.

So I say to myself, why not look for another godwit at this famous Brig's
Godwit Corner ? Of course the bird-god did not give me a godwit. My
consolation prize was an American Golden-Plover.

While driving home, change of mind and decide to head over to P'town. Reason
? Not to look for the godwit but to experience the P'Town Table Effect in
live action. There were so many big-hitter-expert birders already there, I
was *almost* certain one of the birders would eventually yell out, * there
is a ruff !!!!*

Perhaps tomorrow, the P'Town Table Effect on the long lost P'Town Ruff will

Some of my photos of the day on my Flicker.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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From: Sandra Keller
Sent: Sunday, April 8, 2018 7:38 PM
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Godwit timing for Monday

High tide is 8:51am And 9:33pm which isn’t good, so come in the morning if
possible! I would suggest right at high
tide and then wait as the tide goes out. The causeway is the best. There’s a
lot of private property on the other roads.
Became an issue. Look on both sides of the causeway. When Jon found it, it
was on the NW side. Please don’t park on
the causeway. There’s parking to the north on the Gloucester side. It was
visible at low tide today, but far. That orange
neck and head was a beacon. But it still disappeared and a close look is
always better.

Good luck all! I might try again tomorrow morning, or not. I am way behind
on stuff from today now!

The forecast is for temps in the 30’s, but not much wind. Today was bad with
the wind. Dress warmly!

Sandra Keller

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