Date: 4/7/18 7:43 pm
From: Gabriel Willow <gabrielwillow...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Pelham Bay Park (Bronx) sightings 4/7
I led a day-long tour around Pelham Bay Park’s varied environs today (4/7) for NYC Audubon.

We had a really fantastic outing, with 63 species recorded, including 4 Warbler species and various other early-season migrants.

The most noteworthy sightings were a male Yellow-throated Warbler along the mucky path between the Aileen Ryan Recreational area and the Granny Oak. He was working through the dense saplings along with a flock of American Goldfinches that were mostly focused on sweetgum seed-balls. Later we heard the Yellow-throated singing.

The other warblers seen were numerous Palms, a lone Yellow-rump, and 5-6 Pines, mostly bright males (which were singing too).

Another highlight was an Eastern Meadowlark that flew in off the landfill and perched in a treetop before serenading us with his lovely song and continuing south-east along the tree line.

A final rarity was a lone American Pipit in the marshy puddle on the grass to the south of the Orchard Beach parking lot, as reported by Deb Allen yesterday.

Other notables:

7 Osprey circling & diving at the pond-like inlet opposite Orchard Beach (its name escapes me); the continuing Long-tailed Duck off of Orchard Beach, along with at least ten Horned Grebes, several of which were coming into breeding plumage; we saw one of each of the 3 regular falcons.

Eastern Phoebes were everywhere; we encountered numerous Swamp Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes.

However, we didn’t see any Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, which was surprising as they were widely reported elsewhere around the region today. We also missed the Pileated Woodpecker reported by Patrick Horan just a couple hours after we left the southern part of the park. I think I may have heard it call once but dismissed it as a likely Northern Flicker at the time.

Glad spring seems to have sprung, in spite of the cool weather! Worth noting that the Trout Lillies in PBP are usually in full bloom at this time, but I didn’t even see any leaves sprouting, so wildflowers at least seem to be a week or two late.

Good birding,

Gabriel Willow


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