Date: 4/7/18 5:49 pm
From: Joan Detyna <jdetyna...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Loss of Hunterdon Birder
It is amazing that you met John only a couple times, Christopher, but that
you have described him so aptly.

He was (I still want to say “is”) a wonderful person – yes, kind, generous
and enthusiastic! He was very patient and helpful whether it was with an
experienced birder or a beginner. He not only explained things well, but he
listened well. A man of integrity, I think he made everyone feel special.
He was self-confident enough to be humble and kind enough himself to
appreciate kindness in others. In short, he was a rare person.

I live in the southern part of Hunterdon County and don’t always know what
is going on (birdwise) in the rest of the county – without fail, when he
saw me, without my even asking, he would enthusiastically tell me about
where he - and others - had gone and what they had seen. I really
appreciated that and enjoyed the many stories as well as the information
that he shared with me.

A superb birder (I read online that he was on the WSB winning teams 4
times), a great conservationist and educator (leading trips and giving
talks up until at least 2-3 weeks ago) and a very nice man. I think I speak
for all of us in Hunterdon County in saying we will miss him very, very

With much sadness,

Joan Detyna

Ringoes, NJ

On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 7:32 PM, Christopher Magarelli <
<christopher.magarelli...> wrote:

> Sorry to hear this. I didn't really know John, but ran into him once or
> twice maybe 7 years ago when I was scouting Hunterdon County for the WSB.
> We got to talking a bit and he was extremely generous with his advice and
> contagiously enthusiastic in his description of various preservation
> projects that NJ Audubon and local conservation groups were working on in
> Hunterdon.
> I'm not sure why, but something about his demeanor always stuck with me and
> I'm sorry I never ran into him again.
> > I was lying here in Overlook Hospital minding my own business when news
> reached me of John DeMarrais™ passing.
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