Date: 4/7/18 2:15 pm
From: Brian Patteson (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Tripod question - Bogen 3130 head
Any of them should. All of those heads mount on the standard 3/8 stud. You should be able to put that on any set of sticks except for some really small cheesy tripods you don’t want to use. Even if it had a 1/4 inch stud, you could use a bushing to adapt it to the head. Anyhow, specs say it’s 3/8, so it’s turnkey.

Brian Patteson
Hatteras, NC

> On Apr 7, 2018, at 4:09 PM, Steve Shultz <sshultz...> wrote:
> I need to shave a few pounds off a full suitcase for a trip next week. Looking at replacing my aluminum tripod legs with carbon fiber. Does anyone know which Bogen/Manfrotto carbon fiber legs will mate to a Bogen 3130 head? I’m specifically looking at the Manfrotto 290XTRA. I need a working height of at least 65 inches.
> Many thanks!
> Steve Shultz
> Apex, NC

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