Date: 4/7/18 11:28 am
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [COBOL] Nesting Season!
Nesting season is HERE!! Petra (our has hatched her
two eggs and both chicks look healthy and that is a good thing!  While
at our Aloha home (think Beaverton) I found a Junco building her nest
and noted that she can COUNT!  One egg on the First, two on the Second,
Three on the Third, Four on the Fourth and last but not least FIVE on
the Fifth!  What timing.  Also a Bewick's Wren nest but can't see into
it.  A Flicker AND a Red-breasted Sapsucker building a nest in the same
neighbor's tree to the north, a Chestnut backed Chickadee checking out a
hole in our Mimosa tree and a Spotted Towhee in the neighbor's bush to
the south.  It is definitely SPRING!

So, we come back to the high desert and find that one Osprey is in nest
#1 (Warm Springs city), one at the nest near the Fly Fishing Camp (#2),
one at the Simtustus turn-off (#3), one at Ogden Wayside (#4) and I am
told TWO in the #5 nest south of Terrebonne and one near Home Depot,
#6.  Can't drive for a while so you guys and gals will need to fill me
in on the other nests.


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