Date: 4/7/18 9:53 am
From: Chris Elphick via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] atlas question: nesting house sparrows (and wrens)
Hi Zellene,
Thanks for your question about the atlas.  We certainly do want reports of nesting house sparrows and other introduced species.  In fact, any bird that nests in the wild in the state should be reported. To answer your question more fully, and others we've been getting about which species to report, I just posted a longer response on the atlas blog:

Your message also mentioned Carolina wrens, so I wanted to take the opportunity to remind people that they should use the atlas code B for nest building in wrens and woodpeckers, rather than code NB.  The reason for this convention is that wrens regularly build dummy nests that they do not use for breeding.  Similarly, woodpeckers will excavate cavities for roosting. So apparent "nest building" activities in these species only indicate probable nesting, and do not confirm breeding. Revisiting nests (taking care to minimize disturbance, of course) to see if they have eggs or young later, will allow you to confirm these species. 

Over the next few days I plan to use the atlas blog to address some of the other questions we've been getting, so I would encourage anyone who is interested in the atlas to check it regularly.  Whenever we post something new, we will put the word out via Facebook and Twitter. 
I look forward to receiving reports of your house sparrow and wren.  Information on how to submit data is on the web site.

Chris Elphick @ssts
Storrs, CT
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