Date: 4/7/18 9:41 am
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: WRC, the bane of Red-cockaded Woodp?--bad news or fake in ENC
I do not think anybody commented on the allegation by Derb Carter of a backroom deal to remove Red-cockaded Woodpecker from Palmetto-Peartree.

First of all, I have to sort of admire the idiot who killed off all the Red-cockadeds in some rich guy's timber in Florida. The owner of the timber first had to not cut the wood, and so he hired a killer to remove the woodpeckers, and then asked the FWS where are these woodpeckers? There do not seem to be any on my tract.

I do not think I would be able to kill off a bunch of woodpeckers that fast and that well.

Second of all, who is thinking here? The idea that the WRC would want to remove the woodpeckers from Palmetto-Peartree? That they would be able to kill them all off? DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL?

Was it not the WRC that stepped up to take care (hopefully of Henslow's Sp.) of the VOA site? Did anybody on Carolinabirds do anything to buy up that land and "save" it (and the population of sparrows)? I thought, but did not act.

Again, nobody stepped up to take Palmetto-Peartree. BUT, the WRC did!

I know I am somewhat crazy, but this makes no sense whatsoever.

The Center for Conservation Biology at Wm and Mary did take 4 woodpeckers (in 2016?). But, come on, let us get realistic here. Removing those birds (chosen because they were teenagers ready to disperse anyway) and putting them carefully in the Dismal Swamp NWR is not a threat to the woodpecker species.

Maybe what Derb Carter was talking about was that the WRC needed to get a permit to remove any Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, even for restoration of the bird to its original habitat/range.

Again, I jump to conclusions, too, and stand (or sit, whatever) ready willing and needing to be corrected. We all make mistakes all the time. Things are complex. Good luck for conservation in ENC, and worldwide. We do need good luck. And, more discussion, rather than sarcasm (used by me, too).

The comment by Derb Carter that the FIsh and WIldlife Service and the WRC fortunately still have the same old mission statements was sarcasm, and I was astounded to read one post stating that Derb's comments were not negative, snide and snarky. But, if I hired a lawyer, I would hope he would use some sarcasm, and be negative, snide and snarky, since, after all, our court system (like our binary political party system) is confrontational.

Sometimes one has to go to court.

At the same time, I am sure Derb Carter also tries nonconfrontational negotiation before going to court. He does not deserve the negative comments made about him, such, for example, that he is a rich, out-of-town, educated out-of-state lawyer, that the $80,000 he supposedly makes is his only motivation (which has been disputed by people who described the potential $150,000/year many or most lawyers make for efforts which probably are less beneficial to our country--which, last I heard, included our environment).

My motivation is that I like to have things just so. Both right, and moral. Ain't happening.

And I have heard the resentment of Hyde County residents about the effects of Red Wolf introduction, and the mismanagement of payments due for losses to Red Wolf (actually may be coyote) depredation. And I have read about the anger of (rich, out-of-town and out-of-state) people about ORV restrictions. (This also goes back to the case in Florida, where the government should have pre-emptively and promptly paid the landowner for his timber which the Red-cockadeds had invaded.)

Then, the entire country got it, Trump elected on resentment.

My hope is what one of my horrible/wonderful neighbors told me once. He said that we used to shoot all buzzards, but that we now do not. (Somehow it became non-u to kill them.) At first, I thought he was making this up, but in the decades that have since passed, it turned out true. (Even though Black Vultures really like to pull the rubber off vehicles, at Dutch Gap, VA, for example.)
There is hope for gradual improvement of the general public's attitude toward crimes like shooting eagles, and assaulting women.
{We will still have some oddballs like the guy who shot two Whooping Cranes in Florida, some years back, and finally was apprehended when he shot up a gas station using a slingshot. (?Why not just use firearms on people?--I guess in his mind people were more valuable than cranes.)]

I say, let us all calm down.
House Sparrows are not yet extinct, despite my mother warning me they would go extinct. (Probably she had good data---apparently Alfred Kinsey hated urban areas, especially all the House Sparrows in Hoboken, NJ where he grew up---eliminating horses did put a big dent in the sparrow's populations, and would lead people to follow the trendline to predict imminent extinction of the House Sparrow.)

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC

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