Date: 4/6/18 6:21 pm
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Clarion Co- long-tailed ducks, horned grebe, bufflehead
Just to add to the other reports from today, further north along the
Allegheny River at East Brady, I noticed waterfowl on my way to Butler this
morning. Coming home I stopped around noon and found large numbers of
horned grebes, close to 70, and around 50 bufflehead in scattered flocks,
with 5 long-tailed ducks thrown in and a ruddy duck. Further north of the
bridge were at least 70 scaup, not sure which as I only had my old bins I
keep in the car. Certainly seems like it was a great day for waterfowl all
along the river. Tomorrow will check Kahle Lake to see what remains, with
the bad weather might be another good bird day !

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co
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