Date: 4/6/18 3:09 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] H’ville WMA shorebirds and Thank You to Sandra Keller
Thank you to Sandra for keeping everyone informed on the status of H’ville WMA shorebirds (especially the Ruff and Stilt Sandpiper), tide, and all other related stuff. I met one birder this morning who also seemed very appreciative of her efforts.

I would like to contribute to those beginner birders like myself that may be interested in little more detail as to where the Stilt Sandpipers being found at H’ville. I have spent over 10 hours in the last three days watching shorebirds, mostly interested in dunlin, Stilt and dowitchers in flight mode.

All three days my observation of STSA were in deeper water than dunlins-dows and even the y’legs. None of the ebirds report mentioned my personal observation, if I recall. Even today, four STSA were in deeper water and they were foraging all by themselves in a tight group. The other day, I saw one STSA that may match Crossley Guide’s Juv first winter photo to perfection.

As contrary to some may believe I was not hell bent on chasing that Ruff, and even if I did re-found the bird it would only be a secondary to my visit and icing on the cake. Actually, I waited for all those hours to watch dunlins-dowitchers-stilts to take flight so I could practice picking out their rumps in a split second thru the bins. That is picking out the dark rump with two outer white stripes on dunlin, white wedge or white stripe on the upper backs of Dow, and the whitish rump on the Stilt on the fly. Obviously, today’s practice was much easier and I was able to get on those Id features on the dunlin and dows in flight much faster and quicker.

Good luck to my fellow beginner birders who are also working on the ID of shorebirds as I am.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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