Date: 4/6/18 1:56 pm
From: Gonzalez, Mark <mgonzale...>
Subject: [COBOL] arrivals and spring behavior
Greetings COBOLers,

As Chuck forecasted, birds are on the move. Some recent observations:

- Swainson's Hawk 1 -- 4/04, Crooked River Wetland and then drifting WNW
down Oneil Valley
- Virginia Rail 4+ -- 4/04 and 4/06 Crooked River Wetland Complex,
multiple couples singing/vocalizing
- Eared Grebe 5 -- 4/05 Hatfield
- Greater Yellowleg 1 -- 4/06 Crooked River Wetland Complex
- Yellow-rumped Warblers 10+ -- on Wednesday 3, and Friday more than 10
at Crooked River Wetland Complex
- Ring-necked Pheasant -- 4/06 male crowing at Crooked River Wetland
- Sagebrush Sparrow 1 -- 4/06 FOY at Crooked River Wetland Complex (also
the first I've ever observed at this unlikely location)

Good birding,


Mark A. Gonzalez, PhD
Riparian/Wetland Ecologist (Soils)
National Riparian Service Team / National Operations Center
Division of Resource Services
Branch of Assessment and Monitoring
Bureau of Land Management
3050 NE Third St
Prineville, OR 97754
541-416-6705 (office)
541-233-3359 (mobile)
<mgonzale...> (email)

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