Date: 4/5/18 5:57 pm
From: Gregory Hanisek via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Early or too early?
We've reach the point in the season (despite some unseasonal weather) where
increased bird song and eagerness to see the season progress results in
reports of heard-only birds that should not be in CT at this date. Some
commonly mis-heard species include Willow Flycatcher (not expected until
more than a week into May); Eastern Wood-Pewee (an even later arrival); and
Yellow Warbler (usually late April). There are plenty of other candidates.

If anyone thinks they've heard one of these, make every effort to see the
bird. Don't rely on what seems to be a "perfect" call or song. Starlings
can and do make near-perfect Pewee whistles. Phoebes can produce
Willow-like sounds. The highly variable songs of American Goldfinch can
produce Yellow Warbler-like phrases (as well as a glimpse of a yellow
bird). Of course N Mockingbirds can't be forgotten, and every year I hear
some kind of Tufted Titmouse sound I'm sure I never heard before

A look at current maps in eBird shows that no Yellow Warblers have been
reported to date north of northern Florida. Willow Flycatchers are even
farther south.

Be careful out there.

Greg Hanisek
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