Date: 4/5/18 1:15 pm
From: Christianne McMillan White <cmw84...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] RTHA on HEB
Just saw a RTHA on top of Human Ecology Building on Cornell campus, peering
down into the courtyard between HEB and MVR, then it flew down a bit,
thought better of it, flew confusedly back into south side of building
window glass but not at any speed, floundered a bit, but landed back on top
of building roof. Last week we saw a fox searching the courtyard during
late afternoon, possibly a nursing mom, so there must be a rodent
population; let's hope it's healthy and not fed rodenticide!

Christianne White
T57 Human Ecology Building
Ithaca, New York
Tel: 607.255.3151


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