Date: 4/5/18 12:31 pm
From: sarah rosedahl <0000016265cd738b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] ducks and eagle in Alburgh
While driving from North Hero to St Albans and back today...about 200 Scaups(I am not Greater or Lesser) and one Ring-necked Duck at the North Hero - Alburghbridge, Bald Eagle near Little Bluff this afternoon and Buffle heads scatteredwidely S. Alburgh near the fishing access...
Checked out Alburgh-Isle La Motte side and it is still iced in.
Some photos...

Sarah Rosedahl
Artist, Author and Illustrator for Sloggers and The Flockstarswww.difficultchickens.comĀ
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