Date: 4/4/18 6:04 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Yong Comment - ] Heislerville Phenom
To follow up with HT's post, I have enough vacation time to chase that Ruff
yesterday but I refused. Reason ?

I blame on a non-ebird participant that I am, and non-lister that I am, and
I was afraid to fail in chasing Ruff. So I just stayed from Ruff chasing.

Today was different, I couldn't help myself so I arrived around 5 PM just
for self challenge to see if I too could pass the Ruff ID test.Of course I
failed on Ruff.

Also, I was in total stress since I was unable to find even Stilt Sandpipers
that had been reported.

But at the end, some consolation prize. Crap load of snowys, Caspian Tern,
four Stilt, some bonnies, and single Snipe, that I was document via camera
view finder. It was so windy, all snowy had their heads tucked in, not to
mentioned more were totally hidden in the reeds.

Yong Kong
Camden County.

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From: Harvey Tomlinson
Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 4:25 PM
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Heislerville Phenom

Hi Jersey Birders,
After seeing Sandra Keller's report (Stilt sandpipers) and Brian Johnson's
(Ruff) at Heislerville yesterday I couldn't help myself this morning.
I arrived at 7am (low tide) to a foggy wind blown impoundment. There were
appox 1500 shorebirds around the perimeter.
I thought this was good news as it was low tide and things were hopping.
I found a total of 5 Stilt sandpipers in the SE corner.
Unfortunately no Ruff...
I birded the impoundment for 2 hrs and had a nice showing of Both
Yellowlegs, 20+ SB Dowitchers,2 Snipe,and hundreds of Dunlin.
I went over to East Point and watched an OUTRAGEOUS flight of Gannets past
East Point parking lot..!!!!!!!!!!
East Point cove was covered by water at 10am so I went back to
Much to my surprise there were only 50 or so Yellowlegs hanging around. The
rest of the flock had left.
Sandra and Brian must have caught a traveling flock that got put down with
yesterday's weather.
With S winds to their back I believe they moved on.
It's early yet.
Seeing Stilt's and Ruff before the local Willets arrive is crazy.
Nice to see Heislerville is setting up to be the premier place in NJ for
spring shorebirding.
Good Birding,
Harvey Tomlinson
Del Haven, NJ

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