Date: 4/4/18 8:33 am
From: Derek C. Richardson <dcr...>
Subject: [MDBirding] help: unusual sparrow -- Laurel Lake


On the east side of Laurel Lake (PG County), i.e., closest to Rte 1,
toward Olive Garden, in the coarse vegetation on the side of the lake (on
the lake side of the wire fence, and near one of the cement drain(?)
structures), I had a sparrow that reminded me most of LeConte's or
Grasshopper -- from memory: yellow lores, white eye ring (making the bird
look wide-eyed), buff underparts with light streaking (heaviest on the
sides of the belly), white crown stripe, gray eyebrow, dark patch at end
of thin eyeline, cryptic back pattern of brown and black edged with white,
but also hints of rufous, maybe more yellow on the side, medium-length
tail, pale bill, pale/pink legs. No camera, no field guide, and no time
lol (had to leave). I have audio notes that I'll go through later, but
likely not until this evening.

If anyone is in the area and can have a look, that would be great!

This was around 10:45 am.


Derek C. Richardson, Laurel, PG County, MD

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