Date: 4/3/18 5:22 pm
From: Al Merritt <chpmnkx...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] West River, Brattleboro
Late this afternoon sitting in a bare tree near the north side of the Price
Chopper parking area were 38 Cedar Waxwings ( I counted them) suddenly at
least another flock of about the same number flew over them heading west..
The sitting flock took flight after them. Meanwhile a drive to Springtree
(Marina)Road there were two pair of Spring plumaged Common Mergansers
puddling around in the little pond beneath the radio tower. The male's bills
were brilliant RED. On the sandbar opposite the Quonset Hut was a mature
BALD EAGLE tearing up supper, probably a dead fish. Behind it was a small
bird that was acting like a Pied-bill Grebe. (I had no scope). Sparrows of
some sort were fluttering around in the muddy corn field. I looked the field
over good hoping for a Snipe. No luck. But nasty weather birding can turn
up delectable species if you are dressed for the occasion. I was sitting in
my car.

Al Merritt
West Brattleboro

From: Cory Ross [mailto:<coryross24...>]
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2018 12:04 PM
Cc: Phyllis Benay; Bowen, Hollie; Nori Howe; Kluge, Meg; Merena, Helen; Al
Merritt; Pokras, Ned; Ross, Mary; Lani Wright
Subject: Tonight's bird walk is cancelled

Hi everyone

Tonight's bird walk at the Marina is cancelled due to rain. See you at the
board meeting tonight or at Birds and brews tomorrow.


On Apr 2, 2018, at 3:43 PM, SUSAN JAMES <jamesgs...> wrote:

Board Meeting Tuesday, tomorrow at 7:00, Hollie's Brat. house.

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