Date: 4/3/18 12:53 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: [COBOL] Spring is here! Watch out!
With the arrival of April, our spring migration is about to begin in
full force.  Here are some arrival dates to keep in mind. These dates
were taken from eBird and mostly represent Deschutes and Jefferson
counties.  Crook County is often a week behind.

Cinnamon Teal - already here

Blue-winged Teal - any day now

White Pelican - already here

Turkey Vulture - already here

Osprey - already here

Swainson's Hawk - middle of April

Sora and Virginia Rail - about now

Shorebirds - some already here but middle to late April for many

Common Poorwill - middle to late April

Vaux's Swift - any day now

White-throated Swift - any day now

Rufous Hummingbirds - middle to late April

Calliope Hummingbird - middle April

Lewis's Woodpecker - middle April

Hammond's/Gray/Dusky/Pacific-slope Flycatcher - next week to middle April

Ash-throated Flycatcher - end of the month

Western Kingbird - middle of April

Loggerhead Shrike - already here

Cassin's/Warbling Vireo - middle of the month

Swallows - Tree and Violet-green already here, rest will follow soon
with Bank being the latest in middle month

House Wren - starting in about a week

Hermit Thrush - some here now but most in a week or so

American Pipit - already here

Orange-crowned/Nashville Warbler - in about a week

Common Yellowthroat - middle of the month

Yellow Warbler - late April

Yellow-rumped Warbler - already here

Black-throated Gray Warbler - late April

Hermit/Townsend's Warbler - end of the month

Wilson's Warbler - late April

Chipping/Brewer's Sparrow - any day now

Sagebrush Sparrow - already here

Lark Sparrow - mid to late April

Vesper Sparrow - mid April

Lincoln's Sparrow - in a week or so

Western Tanager/Black-headed Grosbeak - end of the month

Yellow-headed Blackbird - now

Bullock's Oriole - last week in April

Brown-headed Cowbird - any day now

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